Top 10 Java Projects for Beginners

Top 10 Java Projects for Beginners

If you’ve been able to master Java and you’re feeling you’re getting close to looking for work and internships that use your Java skills.

But, to make sure that you’re able to manage the job and build an impressive portfolio to impress prospective employers, you should do some basic Java projects. These will help you gain the practical experience of using Java in real-world situations and also provide proof of your work that proves your skills.

Top Java Projects for Beginners

Currency Converter

A project to convert currency is when you develop an application that converts amounts of cash from one country to the other -such as finding what is the worth of $10.00 (USD) to British pounds sterling (GBP). Currency converters are beneficial for travelers international investors and businesses.

A currency converter can help you create a mathematical program that monitors the relative value of two currencies which may fluctuate in time. single day.

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Sum A+B

Sum A+B is a straightforward operation you can program in Java. “Sum A+B” is a name used to describe any basic number addition sequence you can create in Java. For a sum-A+B project, you’ll program the computer to detect two integers and then combine the two numbers in a straightforward addition task.

It is also possible to use Java in order to code other basic integer math problems with codes instead of mathematical symbols.

Number Guessing Game

A number guessing game may seem like a fun game for children however, it’s an effective way to start a Java project. In a number-guessing game, the player will compete against a computer. The computer generates an undetermined number (usually in the range of 1 and 1000) and the player must determine the number.

For each incorrect answer for every incorrect answer, the computer will inform the player “too excessive” or “too low” until the player is able to guess the correct number and wins the game.

Reversing A String

Reversing strings is a Java project that lets you change the layout of an entire line of code. In the field of coding the term “string” refers to a “string” as a data type or a string of letters. Strings are an important data type in programming across a variety of languages.

If when you reverse the sequence of a string you’ll alter the sequence so that it runs reverse to the way it was written, similar to writing sentences in reverse order.

Snake Game in Java

Snake is a classic game that can be programmed in Java. When you play Snake starts with a tiny “snake” which you move across a grid that gets bigger as the game progresses along.

It is important to keep your snake from crashing into the walls of the grid, or the grid’s own “tail” and “body,” which will make you lose the game.

Making a Snake game using Java lets you create your own game and make sure it is running smoothly as you play.

Create a Calculator

There’s a good chance you’ve had a calculator before, but did realize that you could create your own calculator using Java? It is possible to build an online calculator using subtraction, addition multiplication, division, and subtraction functions.

Making use of Java to create calculators lets you program a variety of basic mathematical functions such as continuing a long sequence of equations, and clearing up new issues. When you create your calculator, you’ll develop a product that has many practical applications.

Smart City Project

Smart city projects are the Java-programmed guide of cities that are targeted towards tourists and other guests. Smart city projects combine an array of details that tourists visiting your city should be aware of. This includes information about hotels transport routes, maps, places to visit, and other things.

You could also create an intelligent city project to let users purchase tickets and reservations at restaurants and many more.

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Budget Tracker

The creation of a Java-based budget tracker is not just an excellent way to enhance your programming skills, but also to monitor your finances. Budget trackers allow users to record their income, expenditures, and other types of expenditures to ensure that they’re sticking to the budget they created for themselves.

A budget tracker using Java is the process of programming methods to monitor actual expenditures and earnings against the defined budget.

Brick Breaker Game

Brick Breaker is a straightforward fun game that can be programmed using Java. If you play Brick Breaker, you start by aiming a ball at bricks in a wall. The ball breaks the bricks strikes, and then bounces back towards you.

While playing it is your responsibility to bounce the ball around the walls in order to hit the remaining bricks, and “catch” it using your mouse. By breaking all the bricks, you are the winner, whereas you’ll lose your life if you miss catching the ball.

Fortune Teller

The creation of a fortune-teller program can be an enjoyable method of using Java for a fun reason which isn’t typical. There are many kinds of fortune tellers you could create using Java for example, made from simple origami folded-paper fortune tellers and programs for fortune telling that let the user type into a query.

Fortune tellers need a programming understanding of how to react to input messages or commands to answer questions they are asked.


These projects are designed to help beginners learn Java while also gaining practical programming experience. As you become more comfortable with Java, you can gradually move on to more complex projects and explore different Java libraries and frameworks.