Top 10 AI Tools for Your Business

Top 10 AI Tools for Your Business

There is a lot of talk about AI, and it’s clear that AI will have an enormous impact on businesses over the coming years. What’s the next step? here are 10 AI tools that can be used today to boost productivity and ultimately, profits.

Top 10 AI Tools for Your Business

1. ChatGPT

It is a chatbot that has been developed by OpenAI that sparked the buzz at the end of last year. It is a great tool for a variety of business owners could be excited about. You can use it to write blogs and suggest methods to send emails, look over your website’s search results, perform sophisticated math, design HR policies, and perform a variety of other purposes. It is also recommended to try out the OpenAI Dall-E 2 app which can create images by using the text command that can be used on websites or in company communications.

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2. Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft holds 49% of OpenAI (and ChatGPT is hosted by Microsoft servers) which means that a significant portion of ChatGPT’s features will soon be integrated into the Copilot application, which is already able to be used in conjunction with Bing searches, but will become a key component of Office within the next year. Copilot is a tool you can make use of Copilot to review spreadsheets, design templates, modify presentations, and even attend Teams meetings for you.

3. Google Bard/Duet

Bard will be Google’s response ChatGPT in addition to Duet is the software that will utilize Bard’s Large Language Model to power Google’s business applications in a similar way as Microsoft Copilot. The launch of these new features is anticipated in about six months. However, already Gmail utilizes Bard’s AI to assist in writing emails and also check grammar.

4. Crayon AI

A lot like Dall-E, Crayon is an advanced image generator that makes use of AI to create images, art, pictures, and other visuals directly from your descriptions of text. The quality is top-notch and the number of options is virtually limitless. You can use this to create images for your website, or for other promotional material.


If your company is focused on media, Heywire provides a powerful, high-quality content creator that makes use of AI to gather data taken from the Internet and transform the information into articles, stories as well as other forms of blog content. The program utilizes real-time, authenticated journalistic information that you can then publish. This tool will help establish your business as a thought leader within your field. It is also able to establish a variety of “personalities” for whomever you’d like to be writing posts for social media and even creating them that are based on the content that it generates.

6. Eightify

Have you ever come across an interesting video, only to find out the length of it and then think to yourself “I don’t have time.” Eightify solves this problem. The AI app will play the video on your behalf and summarize it into specific areas of importance. As a business owner, you often need to be able to do everything. This means that we need to be aware of a variety of diverse areas. There are tons of excellent videos that could assist us in running our businesses and with this application, we’ll be able to absorb more knowledge than ever before.

7. Temi

I’ve used Temi for many years and as a writer, I swear by it! It’s a highly efficient AI-driven transcription service. I upload videos and audio I’ve created and in a matter of 15 minutes Temi converts the audio into words, and it’s almost perfect. The transcription of a 10-minute audio recording is only a few dollars.

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8. Feathery

Do you require a professional, well-designed template for your business? Perhaps a job application? A quotation template? A form for visitors to your website? Feathery makes use of AI to design beautiful, professional-looking forms within minutes. It is possible to save and edit the forms you’ve created and personalize them to suit your specific business needs. All this can be performed via a natural language interface.


Are you looking to prepare your potential employees for an interview? Maybe you’re a remote freelancer or independent contractor scheduled to talk with a potential client. makes use of AI to guide you through the interview ahead of time. The mock interviews it offers will aid you in improving your communication skills. Its algorithms create interview questions specifically tailored to your job and industry. It promises that it will give personalized questions that are technically and situational, dependent on the information you have provided prior.

10. Opus Clip

Many of us use videos in our business for campaigns as case studies, testimonials, or simply to create some excitement. Videos are posted on our site, but obviously, we’d like to make them more effective. This is the point where Opus Clip comes in. With their AI-generated platform, users can post a lengthy video, and it breaks it into smaller and more digestible videos that can then be uploaded to social media platforms or used in your email marketing campaigns.