Top 10 Java Projects for Beginners

If you’ve been able to master Java and you’re feeling you’re getting close to looking for work and internships that use your Java skills.

But, to make sure that you’re able to manage the job and build an impressive portfolio to impress prospective employers, you should do some basic Java projects. These will help you gain the practical experience of using Java in real-world situations and also provide proof of your work that proves your skills.

Top Java Projects for Beginners

Currency Converter

A project to convert currency is when you develop an application that converts amounts of cash from one country to the other -such as finding what is the worth of $10.00 (USD) to British pounds sterling (GBP). Currency converters are beneficial for travelers international investors and businesses.

A currency converter can help you create a mathematical program that monitors the relative value of two currencies which may fluctuate in time. single day.

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Sum A+B

Sum A+B is a straightforward operation you can program in Java. “Sum A+B” is a name used to describe any basic number addition sequence you can create in Java. For a sum-A+B project, you’ll program the computer to detect two integers and then combine the two numbers in a straightforward addition task.

It is also possible to use Java in order to code other basic integer math problems with codes instead of mathematical symbols.

Number Guessing Game

A number guessing game may seem like a fun game for children however, it’s an effective way to start a Java project. In a number-guessing game, the player will compete against a computer. The computer generates an undetermined number (usually in the range of 1 and 1000) and the player must determine the number.

For each incorrect answer for every incorrect answer, the computer will inform the player “too excessive” or “too low” until the player is able to guess the correct number and wins the game.

Reversing A String

Reversing strings is a Java project that lets you change the layout of an entire line of code. In the field of coding the term “string” refers to a “string” as a data type or a string of letters. Strings are an important data type in programming across a variety of languages.

If when you reverse the sequence of a string you’ll alter the sequence so that it runs reverse to the way it was written, similar to writing sentences in reverse order.

Snake Game in Java

Snake is a classic game that can be programmed in Java. When you play Snake starts with a tiny “snake” which you move across a grid that gets bigger as the game progresses along.

It is important to keep your snake from crashing into the walls of the grid, or the grid’s own “tail” and “body,” which will make you lose the game.

Making a Snake game using Java lets you create your own game and make sure it is running smoothly as you play.

Create a Calculator

There’s a good chance you’ve had a calculator before, but did realize that you could create your own calculator using Java? It is possible to build an online calculator using subtraction, addition multiplication, division, and subtraction functions.

Making use of Java to create calculators lets you program a variety of basic mathematical functions such as continuing a long sequence of equations, and clearing up new issues. When you create your calculator, you’ll develop a product that has many practical applications.

Smart City Project

Smart city projects are the Java-programmed guide of cities that are targeted towards tourists and other guests. Smart city projects combine an array of details that tourists visiting your city should be aware of. This includes information about hotels transport routes, maps, places to visit, and other things.

You could also create an intelligent city project to let users purchase tickets and reservations at restaurants and many more.

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Budget Tracker

The creation of a Java-based budget tracker is not just an excellent way to enhance your programming skills, but also to monitor your finances. Budget trackers allow users to record their income, expenditures, and other types of expenditures to ensure that they’re sticking to the budget they created for themselves.

A budget tracker using Java is the process of programming methods to monitor actual expenditures and earnings against the defined budget.

Brick Breaker Game

Brick Breaker is a straightforward fun game that can be programmed using Java. If you play Brick Breaker, you start by aiming a ball at bricks in a wall. The ball breaks the bricks strikes, and then bounces back towards you.

While playing it is your responsibility to bounce the ball around the walls in order to hit the remaining bricks, and “catch” it using your mouse. By breaking all the bricks, you are the winner, whereas you’ll lose your life if you miss catching the ball.

Fortune Teller

The creation of a fortune-teller program can be an enjoyable method of using Java for a fun reason which isn’t typical. There are many kinds of fortune tellers you could create using Java for example, made from simple origami folded-paper fortune tellers and programs for fortune telling that let the user type into a query.

Fortune tellers need a programming understanding of how to react to input messages or commands to answer questions they are asked.


These projects are designed to help beginners learn Java while also gaining practical programming experience. As you become more comfortable with Java, you can gradually move on to more complex projects and explore different Java libraries and frameworks.

Top 15 Innovative EdTech Projects

If students utilize the methods or tools created within the Edtech projects their learning environment is improved as they build an interest in the school and their work. If you’re an educator, it’s essential to comprehend this concept and be aware of some of the most Innovative Edtech projects that could aid you.

What are Edtech Projects?

EdTech is a field that combines technology and education. The introduction of computers, tablets as well as projectors, and other equipment used in a classroom, or the conduct of various activities falls under the category of the category of educational technology. The EdTech platforms assist students with a complete education through technology. According to a report from Grand View Research, The market is predicted to see a growth rate of 16% over the next seven years.

There are many methods employed by companies in the field of EdTech have developed to date. The educator must be aware of the various methods to determine which one would be most beneficial to use for their students. Be aware that implementing an effective EdTech Project can bring a dramatic change in children’s academic development. It is also possible to choose the most efficient education to be prepared for the future and improve your abilities.

Innovative EdTech Projects

Let’s go into the depths and look at several innovative Edtech projects. It will help you choose which one can help you improve your teaching methods:

1. StanLab

It is a cloud-based laboratory that provides a great virtual experience for students who aren’t able to access physical labs. Students from different places do not receive the most effective learning experience because the cost of constructing and maintaining labs is prohibitive. Stan Lab has eliminated this problem and is an asset for students who can’t access a proper lab.

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2. Bridge

It’s not your typical EdTech company but rather an educational provider privately owned which makes use of information and communication technologies to support its business plan. It allows trainers and educators to help their employees train and connect with them more effectively through skills development and performance management tools that they have integrated. Utilizing this LMS application, you are able to establish goals and agendas for students. When someone wishes to improve their skills from the instructor, it is possible to give them a course and keep track of the progress of their learning.

3. Cloud Computing

Investigating EdTech open-source projects that can transform the way you learn and enhance learning, you must not miss cloud computing. Cloud computing isn’t just limited to large multinationals that manage significant technological projects. Schools and other educational institutions can benefit from this technology. Cloud makes the course content available online so that learners can use it from any location around the globe.

Every aspect, from class sessions to tests for assessment is conducted through the cloud’s endpoint. Students do not need to carry around books or leave their homes. They need only internet access and the learning can be done easily.

4. Competency-based Learning

The name implies the mechanism for learning operates by comparing the knowledge that two persons are able to acquire. Although this teaching method has many benefits, only highly skilled teachers or instructors can make use of it effectively. Know that when you judge students on how they put their knowledge to use, it could result in negative competition. An experienced teacher can manage this and ensure that students develop a competitive mindset however, they must do it in a healthy way.

5. Duolingo

It’s an additional Edtech project that offers classes in language proficiency via an application. The platform has over 500 million downloaded over the last ten years. In addition, the daily volume of users is rising quickly.

The company’s goal is to make learning enjoyable and exciting for students and to do this they’ve designed their interface extremely appealing. When you first start using the app, it’ll appear like playing. Thus, the students can master the subject without feeling pressured which will definitely increase their performance.

6. Alison

It’s a free online platform for skill development that has numerous courses available. The app has thousands of users from all over the world, and great reviews. You can sign up for the program of certification that interests you most and get certified to look for better possibilities in your area.


It’s a digital classroom inside a box that has changed the way that learning takes place in schools across Kenya. They’ve designed their system in a way that addresses connectivity issues that plague African countries. The hardware and software are easy to use, and as of now, a lot of students have benefitted from this digital learning method.

8. EkStep

This is an admirable effort to increase literacy in India. The goal is to provide education to over 200 million kids via online resources. Through their online learning environment, they create an environment that greatly enhances the educational experience for youngsters. It’s expanding as an open-source platform that government officials can utilize to address many challenges within the education sector.


It’s an initiative run by small NGOs located in Kenya by which they can make learning possible through the use of visual disabilities. They believe that physical impairment shouldn’t be a reason to have a disability that prevents children from becoming educated. Therefore, they work with various tech companies and other third-party organizations to help their students to be part of the modern world.

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10. Geekie

The platform provides adaptive learning solutions to various learners from Brazil. Each student is provided with a set of customized tools based on their capacity to grasp and the pace at which they learn. Additionally, the teachers through this platform may offer one-on-one tutoring which gives students a classroom feeling and enhances their overall learning.

11. University of the People

UoPeople is an online university with no tuition fees which offers a range of degrees. Students from all countries in the developing world are able to take advantage of the courses offered by the platform and continue brushing up on their skills. There are numerous graduate and post-graduate courses on this platform. Furthermore, the diploma you earn is recognized worldwide.

12. Siyavula

It is a technologically-powered learning platform that delivers the best learning experience. It is a platform that has an aims to make engaging science and math courses for all learners. There are more than 10 million textbooks available on the desk, which students can access to study. Furthermore, they test every test you take in a flash, meaning that you won’t be waiting for results.

13. Onebillion

Onebillion is an ever-changing platform for learning that focuses on enhancing the numeracy abilities of learners. The method of teaching they employ is extremely stimulating. The best part is that everything is focused on the students.

14. Nafham

The online platform provides videos to students that are based on Egyptian and Syrian syllabus plans. The teacher is directly in front of the pupil during a classroom session. This means that the experience is much more comfortable and gives the impression of a classroom. There are more than 23000 videos available on the platform and a million students are signed up.

15. Enuma

Their well-known KitKit school has gained a lot of attention as an exciting EdTech project. There are also other learning suites that are part of Enuma which include TODO English TODO Maths, that help to make learning easy and effective. They make use of the concept of online gaming in order to meet the specific educational needs of students. It’s one of the most effective self-directed learning strategies that can aid in building an excellent foundation for learning. Furthermore, the numeracy capabilities of students could also be enhanced dramatically with this system.

EdTech Ideas for Teachers and Students

Educational institutions, business owners, and parents are always looking for creative EdTech strategies to help make learning enjoyable for youngsters. According to research carried out by McGraw Hill Education, 4 out of 5 students say that technology has made them perform better.

Platform for Special Kids

Motion-based methods of learning for children with special needs to reap additional advantages. They are able to react with movements and give all their focus to them. Children with autism or dyslexia can gain a lot from these games. Moving objects stimulates their brains, and they can better comprehend the concepts being taught.

Learning with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is an extensively utilized educational method nowadays. Studies show that when you incorporate AR within your educational strategies students are more likely to remember the concepts you teach them. Additionally, the classroom sessions that are conducted using Augmented Reality practice can discuss complex topics in detail. This is why it’s recommended to change to this mode of learning.

Teacher Lessons Marketplace

Some platforms allow teachers to build their own marketplace and then share their lessons with their classes. Teachers can create their own accounts on the platforms, and publish their portfolios. From there, students are able to choose an educator they prefer and continue learning.

Course Selection with AI

Another effective method educators can employ is to offer advice on career choices to students. There are numerous courses available at present, and it is difficult for students to choose which one they would like to take. This concept for a start-up idea is part of the EdTech genome project. This means that educators can utilize artificial intelligence to assist students in selecting the right course based on the way they behave and their body language.

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Live Classroom with Robotic Camera

Online classes are not an innovative concept. But this particular one using the use of a robotic camera provides quite different. It’s more interactive and provides the classroom experience live. The teacher is seated in front of the monitor, and the lesson is broadcast to the students worldwide.

Gamified Courses and Classes

It’s the most trendy and most popular edtech system to teach school in modern times. It makes use of motion pictures, graphics, and interactive stories to provide lessons that are engaging for students. The concept has been proven to work and any teacher can use it in their classrooms without hesitation.


The competition at school and professional level is increasing each day. Thus, only students who are focused on conceptual comprehension and deep learning will be able to survive and earn good money. To achieve this educators must try out new learning methods that are engaging for students and increase their enthusiasm. They should look into the concepts and tools mentioned above and observe what results in impressive results for their students.