How to Write Effective Prompts for ChatGPT: A Guide for Essay Writing

How to Write Effective Prompts for ChatGPT: A Guide for Essay Writing

ChatGPT, a remarkable AI tool capable of generating text on any subject, style, or purpose, has become increasingly popular, especially for essay writing of different types. However, many users struggle to utilize it effectively in generating quality essays. The fact is that countless essays written by this AI essay writer suffer from poor structure, lack of originality, and numerous errors. On the other hand, there are shining examples of well-organized, creative, and flawless essays produced by ChatGPT. So, what sets them apart? The answer lies in the quality of the prompts.

A prompt is a text input that tells ChatGPT what you want it to do. It serves as the instruction that guides ChatGPT’s responses. A well-crafted prompt can elicit an exceptional output, while a poorly constructed prompt can lead to disappointing results. In this article, we will delve into the art of writing exceptional prompts for ChatGPT for essay writing. This will help revolutionize your essay writing, elevating it to new heights of professionalism and excellence.

Simple Tips and Guidelines to Craft Good Prompts for ChatGPT

To achieve success in writing quality ChatGPT prompts for essay writing, one need not fear complexity. Writing good prompts for ChatGPT is not a difficult task if you follow some simple tips and guidelines. By adhering to the following principles, you can attain remarkable results.

  1. Define ChatGPT’s Role: Assign ChatGPT a specific role or persona when generating the text. By specifying whether ChatGPT should act as an expert, a teacher grading an essay, a supportive friend, or a journalist reporting a news story, you can shape the generated text’s tone, style, and purpose.
  2. Be precise and provide context: Furnish your prompt with abundant information and pertinent details to guide ChatGPT in generating the desired text. Avoid ambiguity and vagueness that may confuse ChatGPT or yield multiple interpretations. For instance, when requesting an essay on a specific topic, supplement the topic name with relevant keywords or probing questions.
  3. Utilise Examples and Templates: Employ examples or templates to illustrate the desired format, structure, and content to ChatGPT. By furnishing ChatGPT with an essay conclusion sample or a template with placeholders, you can effectively convey your expectations.
  4. Be realistic and reasonable: It is crucial to manage expectations and recognize that ChatGPT, being an AI tool, possesses limitations and may occasionally make errors. Be realistic about ChatGPT’s capabilities and be reasonable in your requests. Avoid asking ChatGPT to write a 10-page essay in 5 minutes or to compose an original Shakespearean-style poem and then expect it to produce a concise result that won’t require your review. Always fact-check, and edit for errors, redundancy, and repetition.

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Examples of good prompts for ChatGPT

To illustrate how to write good prompts for ChatGPT, here are some examples of prompts for different types of essays:

Narrative essay

A narrative essay tells a story about a personal experience or event. A good prompt for a narrative essay should include the main point or lesson of the story, the setting, the characters, and the plot.


Act as a student and write a narrative essay about a time when you learned something valuable from a personal mistake. The essay should have an engaging introduction with a hook and a thesis statement, three body paragraphs with seamless transitions and illustrative details, and a conclusion with a summary and thoughtful reflection.

Descriptive essay

A descriptive essay describes a person, place, object, or event using sensory details and vivid language. A good prompt for a descriptive essay would always include the subject of the description, the purpose of the description, and some aspects or features to focus on.


Assume the personality of a 10th-grade student and write a descriptive essay about your favorite place to relax. The essay should have an introduction with a hook and a thesis statement, three body paragraphs with transitions and sensory details, and a conclusion with a summary that will leave a lasting impression.

Compare and Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay analyzes the similarities and differences between two or more subjects. A good prompt for a compare and contrast essay should include the subjects of comparison, the criteria of comparison, and the purpose of comparison.


Develop a compare and contrast essay exploring the merits of online learning versus traditional learning. The essay should commence with an attention-grabbing introduction featuring a hook and a thesis statement, topic sentences, two body paragraphs, and a conclusion providing a concise summary and thought-provoking recommendations.

Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay presents a claim or a position on an issue and supports it with reasons and evidence. A well-crafted prompt for an argumentative essay should include the issue of debate, the stance of the writer, and some counterarguments or objections.


Construct an argumentative essay debating the necessity of banning animal testing. The essay should commence with a compelling introduction. It should consist of three body paragraphs and well-articulated topic sentences. Additionally, include a paragraph addressing counterarguments or objections along with a persuasive rebuttal. Finally, conclude with a concise summary and a compelling call to action.

Other great examples of ChatGPT good essay prompts include:

  • Pick two celebrities that you admire or dislike for different reasons. Write a contrast essay in which you compare and contrast them in terms of their personality, appearance, career, achievements, controversies, and fan base.
  • Imagine that you are a travel blogger who wants to share your experience of visiting a famous landmark with your readers. Write a descriptive essay about the landmark you visited, using sensory details and vivid language to make your readers feel like they are there with you.

While there are no rules specifically laid out as a methodology for prompting ChatGPT, the truth is that mastering the art of crafting effective prompts will help you harness the true potential of ChatGPT, transforming your essay writing into an unparalleled standard of professionalism and excellence.