7 Ways To Make Money Anonymously

7 Ways To Make Money Anonymously

Today you can earn hundreds of dollars more per month by building an online business, however, perhaps you do not want everyone on the internet to know who you are.

There is a chance to make money online, without revealing your identity and a few of these opportunities can be a full-time source of income. With the advent of personal websites and social media, it’s never been more easy to create an online presence anonymously.

How To Make Money Anonymously

Here are seven ways to make money anonymously that you can start now. like as freelance work, blogging, affiliate marketing, dropshipping and more.


Building a website that assists readers with specific questions or provides more information about a certain subject can be an excellent way to earn online. Additionally, you don’t need to disclose your identity in order to create a huge site that could generate real money.

Blogs earn money in a variety of ways, such as affiliate marketing selling your own products and sponsors, displaying ads, and many more. The best method to expand your blog is to pick an area of expertise where you’re an expert and create extremely useful blog posts, including pictures, illustrations, and all the information a person would require to answer a query.

The blogging industry is not a “get-rich-quick” method to earn money. It takes time and perseverance to accumulate enough traffic to generate an ongoing income. In some niches with a lot of competition, it is difficult to gain enough attention that it’s worth the effort. If you’re committed to the long run blogging can be an ideal way to earn an adequate side income in anonymity.

Faceless YouTube Channel

YouTube is growing more popular with millions of channels releasing content each day. While the majority of YouTube channels have been created by individuals or teams of creators creating amazing videos, there is an increase in the number of anonymous YouTube channels that are beginning to gain enormous viewers.

A YouTube channel that is not faceless is typically a mix of footage from stock videos as well as other visual aids merged with a voiceover that teaches or entertains a crowd. The creator does not have to reveal their identity. They are able to remain anonymous when creating videos.

YouTube channels are monetized in different ways, one of the most popular is the Adsense program. When you reach the number of subscribers that is 1,000 and then 4,000 viewing hours (within 12 months) then you are able to start earning a share of the profits from YouTube advertisements. You can also pitch either your products or your affiliate’s products to make extra money.

Sell Your Photos

Do you have a photographer who has a sense of human or natural photography? Did you know that you could sell your photographs online without needing to establish an identity for yourself? You can safeguard your brand and still make money selling your pictures online.

There are stock photo sites that permit you to lease your images online and receive a small commission for each time they’re utilized. You can limit the use of your license to only personal use or charge more for commercial usage of the images.

You can also set up an online store yourself to sell your pictures by using a website like Etsy to market your photographs. These options to sell your images let you remain anonymous and earn cash online.


Dropshipping is one of the most popular ways to earn money online and it does not require you to disclose your identity. To begin a dropshipping store it is first necessary to locate a well-known product that you can purchase at a low cost online. After that, you can set up your own online storefront (using something similar to Shopify) Create advertising materials list the items for sale, and then promote the products.

The idea is to collect requests for a particular product, and then purchase it under the name of the buyer to ship it directly and earn a profit from the difference in the cost between your sales price and the cost of your product. This allows you to effectively earn money from buyers and use the money to purchase the item (for lower prices) and then keep the difference, not having to own the item initially.

Dropshipping can be competitive, but it can be very profitable if locate the right product, and effectively market it online. Additionally, your storefront will remain unidentified and you can also keep everything under your company’s name instead.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is among the most sought-after online jobs since the majority of companies are online and require an attractive design that stands out. If you’re adept at designing company logos and presentation slides and different designs, then you could promote your business and pick freelance clients on platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork.

Although having a personal brand can be a great way to advertise your products, you could establish a company that does not disclose your identity but still draws clients. Customers can make all their payments through your company account, and you can also make use of a pseudonym, should you like.

To be successful in graphic design and make good money, you must offer top-quality services as well as be open and responsive to feedback, and ultimately, deliver on your design. You can earn a positive image, without having to give any of your personal details.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing lets you earn a fee by offering a service or product and letting people sign up for your service using your particular affiliate code or link. You can promote this on any method you want such as an email list, a website, or any other social media platform.

If you’re looking to earn income through affiliate marketing in a non-destructive method, you’ll need to establish an online following by offering useful or interesting material. You can pick an online social network or create your own website to be found by search. When you’ve got enough traffic then you can apply to affiliate programs for the products or services that you would suggest.

When you sign up for the affiliate programs, you are able to send the affiliate hyperlink to the service or product to your customers in order to get a cut for each new customer who signs up for the program or makes purchases. This is a great method to earn money in the background without disclosing your identity.

Amazon KDP

Amazon lets authors self-publish on the platform “Kindle Publishing (KDP).” You can write and publish your books using a pseudonym. You can also earn profits from sales on the platform.

Amazon doesn’t charge a fee to upload your books, however, it’ll take a good proportion of your sales which means you’ll have to sell lots of books to generate a good income. However, if you have a strong marketing platform through your email or social networking, then you are able to continue to generate income without having to reveal your brand. Additionally, you can upload the books you’d like, which gives you an opportunity to increase your earnings as a side income.

Bottom Line

Make money online in a variety of ways. Many don’t require that you divulge your personal information to the world. This could provide you with extra revenue (or full-time income) but still protect your privacy. It is essential to establish an organizational structure that permits you to take payment without sharing your personal details, however, certain platforms might require you to share some personal details. You don’t have to post your picture on the internet for everyone to see in order to earn an income online.