7 Best Web3 Domain Name Registry Platforms

7 Best Web3 Domain Name Registry Platforms

Web3 domains are growing in popularity due to the numerous advantages they provide over their conventional counterparts. For example, they allow the integration of crypto wallets and the creation of websites that are decentralized that are resistant to control.

They will be increasingly valuable in the coming years. Therefore, if you’re planning to join the trend and register a Web3 domain, here are some of the best Web3 domain name registry platforms.

7 Best Web3 Domain Name Registry Platforms

1. Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is a well-known Web3 domain name registry platform that has more than four million domains registered. It was founded in the year 2018 and the San Francisco company aims to enable individuals by offering them user-owned identities within the digital world.

Unstoppable Domains offers a wide range of domain extensions. These include .crypto, .nft, .wallet, .x, .dao, .888, .zil, .go, .blockchain, and .bitcoin. They also provide .eth domains that must be renewed every year, in contrast to other domains that require a single payment. Additionally, this platform allows you to upload your websites to the decentralized IPFS networks and also links your domains.

Other noteworthy highlights include the ability to incorporate crypto wallets to allow simple payments, simple access to decentralized web services with the Web3 username, and rewards for using your username when managing your digital identity such as displaying achievements and NFTs.

In addition to the one-time price of domains, you are able to explore exclusive features with three other pricing plans: Unstoppable Blue at $19.99/yr, Bulk Unstoppable Vault at $99 along Ai Art at $14.99.

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2. ENS Domains

ENS (Ethereum Name Service) is a decentralized system for naming which operates using the Ethereum blockchain. Its goal is to provide an easy method of interacting with blockchain addresses and decentralized websites.

With more than 2.5 million domain names registered it’s the second-largest Web3 service for domains. The domain extension that is native to ENS is .eth. However, the platform permits users to import conventional domain names that they own like .com, .org, and .net, and into ENS.

ENS is a robust collection of wallets and apps that can support its functions and can be integrated seamlessly with the most well-known web browsers and extensions. Additionally, users can build censorship-resistant websites with ENS by uploading their site’s contents to IPFS and linking it to their ENS website’s domain.

The price of ENS domains is based on a variety of variables, including the characters, in which case fewer character domain names are more, as does the duration of registration.

3. EDNS Domains

Ether Domain Name Service is a Web3 domain registry based on Polygon that has more than 200 million registered domain registrations. The platform, first launched in the early 2022 time frame, is a one-stop service for users who have Web3 access requirements.

EDNS Domains provides distinctive Web3 domain extensions, including .meta, .web3, .music, .404, .sandbox and .gamefi. These domains are subjected to renewal every three or five years depending on the plan you choose.

Other options include access to a community that can support cryptocurrency wallets, apps, and browsers, as well as decentralized storage services as well as the Chrome browser plugin that lets you search for information that is related to Web3 domains. Additionally, it supports Web3 message services through the platform.

Pricing starts at just $25 for a year-long subscription, $67.5 for three years, and $100 for the five-year plan. It also has an ambassador program that rewards users for encouraging the growth of the Web3 community by using the registry.

4. Punk Domains

Punk Domains is a platform that offers a unique solution to domain name registration as well as digital identity within the Web3 space. It was first launched in 2022 and has since partnered with more than a dozen different projects to provide Web3 domain names.

Punk Domains’ registry provides domain names that are registered under TLD factory contracts, and top-level domain templates that have distinct business logic synonyms with Web3 domains. Some of the extensions available are .smol, .zksoul, .pool, .op, .sgb, .L2, .flr, .giveth, .fantom, .ppl, .klima, and .dope.

In addition, Punk Domains operated on Layer 2 chains, which provided users with a greater selection of domains that go beyond .eth, i.e., anyone can register the TLD through the platform. Domains that are registered via the system can be ERC-721 tokens and, therefore, these are Ethereum NFTs that are able to be purchased and sold through NFT marketplaces.

Pricing for Punk Domains is based on the TLD and the number of characters in your name. For example, a single-character name costs 0.1 ETH, whereas names with five characters cost 0.02 ETH for the .pool TLD.


SPACE.ID is a broad platform that offers services relating to digital identity and Web3 domain management. It was created in 2022 to meet the changing demands of Web3 users. Web3 community.

SPACE.ID offers three primary DNS extensions that are based on blockchains, including .bnb, .eth, and .arb for Binance, Ethereum, and Arbitrum blockchains and other blockchains. It also offers a Web3 Name SDK & API which makes it easier to integrate using the Web3 names services.

The platform also includes elements like TLD Factories and TLD Factories, TLD domain names TLD contracts, and information about domains to ensure efficient operation of its platform. Other noteworthy options include managing subdomains the integration of NFT collections, and a smart-contract enabled ad hoc blockchain which improves security and the ability to scale.

SPACE.ID is charged a minimum annual fee of $5 for each domain that is registered on the platform.

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6. Freename

Freename specializes in Web3 Top-level Domains (TLDs) and offers customers a variety of digital identity management and web presence solutions.

Freename is primarily an online registry of TLD extensions. It, consequently provides a wide range of TLD options that allow users to select domain extensions that fit their requirements and preferences. It works with Polygon, BinanceSmart Chain, Aurora, and Cronos.

Users can make a mint, register, and then use Web3 domains using their preferred blockchain, and benefit from the platform’s flexibility and custom options. They can also register trademarks on their Web3 TLDs to secure their digital identity worldwide.

The average cost of domains of the second level like your name. brand begins at $5. Top-level domains, like .brand differ based on the value they are perceived to have in the marketplace.

7. PeerName

PeerName is a registered agent that specializes in decentralized domain names built upon blockchain technologies. It was established in 2014 with the intention of providing registration services for all the new blockchain-based domain name space.

It hosts more than 7000 domains and is compatible with various payment options such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. It also offers domain extensions like .bit, .tor, .coin, .bazar, .lib, .emc, .sats, .ord, .gm, and .unisat.

The main features are a web-based user interface that is easy to use and secure domain storage free year with every domain transfer and a browser extension that allows accessing Web3 domains via Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge Simple.

PeerName pricing can range between $16.99 in Namecoin Extensions (.bit or .tor) up to $17.99 in Emercoin Extensions (.coin as well as .bazar) up to $29.99 for the Ordinals extensions (.sats). The domain name is renewed each year.

Conclusion — Choose the best Web3 domain name registrars

The Web3 domain space is heralding an era of decentralised flexible, user-friendly, and user-friendly online identities. Blockchain technology is changing the world of digital creating an appealing, safe Web3 domain that has become increasingly crucial for businesses, individuals, and even projects.

If you’re looking to secure your own unique Web3 domain or looking into possibilities for investment opportunities these platforms will lead you to an open digital future that lets users be in control of their online identities.